The Ray Bans Sunglasses Appears Under Henan Opera Stage

No sooner had you penetrated deeper into the crowd that made a noise of stall-holders crying their wares, of customers bargaining for their pleased goods, of passers-by busy in entering and leaving here than you heard a very long intonation of the Opera which could spread hundreds of miles. And it will be more than surprised that the Ray Bans Sunglasses appears under Henan opera stage. Before talk about that, let us see what the scene of a Henan opera stage is and what it looks like.

Actually, along with a whole gallery of rural business tBansaction are gradually living in the Henan opera stage, a big bazaar had been developed around the stage that was usually held in a designated place and flowed regularly among a certain number of villages or towns third or fourth a month only in Spring and Autumn in Henan. As a centre of the bazaar, the Henan opera stage quite played a decisive role in the eyes of the Henan people. Moreover, the stage, built temporarily in wood and covered by the deep cyan curtain on the top, could take up an area of almost 20 square meters and was a must place that no one wouldn’t go no matter she or he loved the opera or not. And you would be so astonished for that so many people aged from 10 to 80 could gather here just for enjoying the opera. For getting a good position to the stage, so early could they get up to get to there with the umbrellas, stools, canteens or their children by walking or driving the three-wheelers in the morning of the stage day that usually when there were still 30 minutes away from the opening of the stage, huge crowd of people had been waited under the stage, just like the sea waves. Also, some little naughty boys might grasp the thin yoke of the stage and observe opera-actors making-up.

Now you know what a Henan opera stage is, have you ever seen that people who watching the opera wearing a Ray Bans Sunglasses? Yes, that’s not rumor. Not long ago, when I come back home, I saw the Henan opera again. At there, I stood down and watched the opera. All of a sudden, a man wearing the Ray Bans Sunglasses appears in front of me. So fashion and fresh as it was, which brought the old opera a new life. And this is the last time I saw Henan opera.

Generally speaking, a Henan opera stage can last three or four days, twice a day and each time take two hours or so. For most Henan people, including me, Henan Opera is quite one of the most precious memory of the childhood. But for me, the man in Ray Bans Sunglasses should be one of my special memories I have ever kept in my mind. Hope one day I can see the Henan opera again, hope one day I can wear the Ray Bans Sunglasses. Goodbye, childhood.