The Poverty Refuse the Ray Rans Sunglasses

The first thing to catch your sight must be the blocky and old-style red table, I suppose. But except for that I have to add another point about its feather, which would be something we could not ignore: although the table looks like an antique that dug up from the deep old underground, it is quite very clean and neatly arranged. Besides, on the table, there is a pair of table tennis pats. Clearly next to the pats are some stationery, including a dictionary, some text books, papers and an ink bottle. And the ink has been made, the book is opening and the pats are stacked up orderly. From here we can guess that the situation at that time must be a kid has planned to do his homework first and then get to play table tennis, however, before he finishes his homework, he is asked to help farm work. And I believe such a poor family can never buy a Ray Rans Sunglasses.

And why we say he put the homework at the first place? For if it is not, the table tennis must be put disorderly rather than be so neatly. And the last doubt, why I conclude that he is asked to help farm work but not others? At first, if he leaves to play games, so he cannot leave behind his pats; next, from the whole picture we could come to such a conclusion that the family is very poor. So, in such a poor family, is there anything so important that is worth enough to a student to get to help? Nothing but the farm work, for that farm work is the lifeblood of farmers. As a famer, maybe he never thinks about buying a Ray Rans Sunglasses.

But here question comes again, even if we admit that it is a poor family, but how could we conclude it a farmer’s family but not husbandry or others? First, from the picture we could know that the wall is made of brick, and the window is very big. The brick wall proves that it cannot be a mountain village, grasslands or foothill. So there will be no husbandry, and no lumbering. And big window can only appear in the flat area of the Middle East or south part of China. Therefore, the farm work is a big possibility.

Here we come back to the picture, the naked wall, the dirty word-robe, the dusty picture frame, including the thin post which might be a temporary supporting pillar in case of collapsing. All shows us a poverty sight. But we all know it could be the poverty of the older generation, and it could only be, for the opened book on the table, for the kid helps his parents’ work, for a loving-study, loving-parents’ boy. So we can say the family will be sure to get out of the curse of poverty. Poverty cannot afford a Ray Rans Sunglasses, and poverty refuses the Ray Rans Sunglasses.